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Join the Climate Collage on the road to COP26



In November this year, the UK will host the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) in Glasgow. The summit will bring parties together to accelerate action on Climate Change.


As well as the negotiations, there will also be space for countries, international organisations and other delegates to showcase climate action, highlight diverse climate change issues and share knowledge.

"COP26 lays before us an opportunity to raise the profile of the Climate Collage, to network with a wide range of international climate leaders, from policymakers to business leaders, students, researchers, activists, and key decision-makers. Most of all, we can use this as a platform to position Climate Collage as a global referent for climate education."


The Climate Collage has set itself a key milestone in its fight against the climate emergency - to sensitise 1 million people worldwide to the crisis we are all facing.The COP26 Summit represents a stage where that target can be actively pursued, and the medium of the Climate Collage as a critical educational tool can be spread.​

How? With your help...

 The Climate Collage has developed a bold set of targets for its participation at the event. For us, the COP26 Summit is not just a two week event, but a year long journey – that has already begun.

But to meet these targets, we are going to need a lot of help and support. We don’t need any specialist skills or experience, just a willingness to work in a team of like-minded, dedicated and passionate volunteers.

Insights on our Journey... A COP26 Blog.

Personal Perspectives

How has Climate Collage inspired me?

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What did we learn last time? COP25

In fact, this isn't our first time!

The last COP was held in Madrid, Spain, from 2 to 13 December 2019 under the presidency of the Chilean government.

We had a team of over 30 Collagers (Fresqueurs) at COP25 who had less than a month to prepare for the COP. As well as learning how to salsa dance, they sensitised over 1000 people, organised 150 Climate Collage Quizz sessions, trained 50 facilitators, organised 1 conference, and most importantly, learnt a lot about what we, The Climate Collage, should do for COP26!

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